Friday, July 16, 2010

What a Flake!

Oh my goodness, I totally flaked on posting this week!

I promise it is not a sign of things to come. I have an excuse. And it's a good one.

You see, when I blogged on Monday, I had no idea that later that evening, God would be miraculously orchestrating some things for us which would be allowing us to MOVE! This may not sound like a big deal to some of you, but the details are amazing.

Ever since Mark and I became parents and realized we wanted our kids to be home with me every day (no, we did not realize we wanted that until AFTER we had children...which means we've been scrambling to catch up ever since), we have lived "without" some things that most people consider necessities. Don't get me wrong....we have plenty, but we only have one car, we don't vacation (which explains why I'm writing a blog about saving pennies to get to Disneyland) and we don't own a home. In fact, we don't even live in a house. We still live in an apartment. We thought about purchasing a house a few years ago and were thisclose to making it happen. We qualified for a loan and were spending some time with a realtor, looking at houses. Fortunately, God protected us from making that mistake because looking back, we were going to be putting ourselves in an ugly situation financially. We would have had NO breathing room in our budget and likely would have found ourselves another statistic in the housing crisis this country is facing.

So we have continued to afford to live in an apartment, and until recently, when the boys started moving on from the sweet toddler stage to the destructive balls of testosterone stage of life, it wasn't a problem. We wanted something else, but we did not NEED something else.

So in February when my parents' neighbor, Katie told them she was moving out of her house and was looking to rent it out, my Dad told her we might be interested. She jumped at the chance to have tenants who she knew, who she trusted and who would not require she go through a property management company. All of those things meant she was not only willing to rent to us, but she was willing to rent to us CHEAP. Unfortunately, we had this little problem of a lease which had been signed in November for the term of a year. We approached our property management company and asked for mercy. They said "No Way." We took a couple of other approaches to getting out of the lease (all of them legal and ethical but too boring to list on this blog), but we had no success. We resigned ourselves to living here until the Fall and prayed that somehow it would still work out for us to take advantage of the opportunity.

Fast-forward to Monday night. Out of the clear, blue sky, our property management company left a letter on our door saying they had reconsidered and were going to allow us to break our lease. We would be responsible for no additional monies, only rent up until the day we leave. And the day we leave? Gets to be determined by us! We don't have to give 30 days notice!!!

So as excited as I am about my weight loss and saving for Disneyland, they all of a sudden went to the back burner as I started making phone calls about getting utilities moved and researching cable companies. Finding boxes and reorganizing our schedule (mostly just clearing it) to make time for packing, packing and more packing. Our plan is to be moved out of here and into the new home the weekend of August 1st, which means we have 2 weeks to pack up a home that we have filled to the brim.

So I forgot to/did not have time to blog.

But don't worry....I'm not going anywhere! Talk about "MOMENTUM"!! I'm losing weight! I'm saving money! I'm moving into a house! With a yard! And a garage! And Central Air! And an extra bedroom! I'm on fire! Thank the LORD!

So I'll be back on Monday for "Momentum Monday" with my status updates and I'll get the survey sites post up this weekend sometime.


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