Monday, July 5, 2010

Down to Disney

Well over 5 years ago my son, Elijah was born. At the time we didn't realize how quickly he would be followed by Micah, our youngest son. Eighteen months later we had TWO little guys and we were overwhelmed by sleepless nights, diaper changes and strained peas. It was not something we had expected and I had to make a list for myself of all the reasons I would (eventually) be glad to have had my children so close together:

#1) We would only have to go through "The Diaper Season" once, and then it would be over with.

#2) They would be great buddies who would always have a playmate.

and my favorite reason.....

#3) They would both be ready to take to Disneyland at approximately the same time!!!!

While they were both still too young to sing their ABC's, my Mom and I were already planning their first trip to Disneyland. We decided that the perfect time would be spring of 2011. Elijah would be 6 and Micah would be 4 and a half, which sounded like ideal ages. It also sounded like a long time away. We weren't sure we could wait so long, but we didn't want to take the kids when they were too young to enjoy it. So we scribbled "Disneyland" onto our mental calendars for May, 2011 and went on with life.

Recently my Mom and I were at the Disney store together and she reminded me of our plans for next year. I was simultaneously filled with excitement and fear. When she and I had made our plans 4 years ago, I was sure that Mark and I would have won some sort of lottery by now, making Disneyland easily affordable. I was also sure that my 472nd attempt at Weight Watchers would have finally been a success and I would be at a weight that would make it easy to chase two young boys around a theme park for a week. Sadly, neither of those things have come to pass and it seems as though I'm going to have some major work ahead of me if I want to make this dream a reality.

Which is why I've created this blog. I have money to save. I have weight to lose. And I am TERRIBLE at both of those things! I am going to need to be held accountable, and there is nothing like announcing my ambitions to the internet to make me feel like I have to accomplish them. Pride can be an ugly thing, but when it motivates me to lose weight and save money so that I don't have to feel like a failure in front of the world wide web, then it's a good thing!

So tomorrow is the day. The day I begin counting my pennies and counting my calories. In the morning, I will be giving you more details about what my specific goals are and how I plan to accomplish them. This post was was to introduce you to why. I really want to hear from any of you reading, so feel free to comment! This blog was created to be a source of accountability and encouragement, so I would honestly love it if you could help me with either or both.

Thanks for joining me on my journey "Down to Disney"! See you tomorrow!


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