Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Plan Coming Together

So far, so good!

I know I'm only 3 days in, but I'm feeling so much momentum, it's hard not to be enthusiastic. All of you reading this blog have been amazing! I wish I could somehow convey how much it means to have people rooting for you. Not to mention the success stories I've been getting emails and comments makes me feel like I can really do this!

Even though I started Weight Watchers officially on Tuesday, I didn't re-join until last night. The truth is, I wasn't sure I was going to. My plan had been to try and follow WW based on what materials I already had and what information I already knew. I'm not sure what exactly changed my mind, but I'm so glad I did! It's another source of inspiration for this battle I have ahead of me. I love to cook, so I enjoy browsing through the (literally) thousands of recipes WW has online so I can lose weight and still make fun, interesting things for my family to eat.

Seriously....if you don't already know about Weight Watchers, and you need to lose any weight...go check it out. It's the best plan out there.

The saving of money got a boost last night as I realized I had a couple of checks from customers on my fridge. I had forgotten they were there, and we have been surviving just fine without depositing them into the account. Soooo....they have officially moved over into the "found money" category! We'll cash the checks (so my customers can balance their checkbooks) and that money will go right into our Disney fund! Even my kids are getting in on the action. They each received a dollar from my Aunt Maureen yesterday. Normally this would go towards a trip to the dollar store, but they each decided they wanted it to go to Disneyland! Love it!

What I've decided to do is make every Monday the day I will post my progress. I'll call it "Momentum Monday" and I'll post how much weight I've lost that week and where our Disney fund stands for the week. I'm looking forward to watching both of those numbers grow! During the course of every week, I plan to share with you any tips, deals or ideas that have contributed to my success. I have some very specific posts ahead of me that will give details on topics like the online surveys, but I hope to also be able to share random gems of information as I come across them. Sometimes it can be the smallest tip that can make the biggest difference. Remember when we all discovered "Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwiches?? A seemingly small thing suddenly gave all of us Weight Watchers an amazing gift.

So....along those lines.....
My new favorite "diet" beverage? Snapple's "Trop-a-rocka"!! If you watched "Celebrity Apprentice", you know that this was Bret Michael's season-winning flavor creation. I have to be honest....I was skeptical, but my Mom bought some awhile ago for a family BBQ and I am HOOKED! It does not taste like diet, yet it is. I've heard that its a wonderful treat when blended with ice. Kind of like a slushie, but without the empty calories. It's not always easy to find, but it's worth seeking it out. I've been successful at finding it at Fred Meyer so far, so start there. You won't regret it!

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