Monday, July 19, 2010

Momentum Monday-Week 2

Happy Monday, friends!

This week I have much better news on the weight loss front, but we've made a bit less progress in saving for Disney. This has been entirely, intentional, though. Let me explain.....

So it turns out I was right last week when I gave you all my reasons (NOT excuses) for why my weight loss was so minimal. I really hated to sound like I was in denial, but I have done WW enough times in the past that I knew exactly what to expect. I knew I had followed the plan perfectly and I knew, without a doubt, that my weigh-in last week was skewed by the factors I had mentioned. Seriously...when it comes to WW, I've been there, done that. I knew things just weren't what they should have been.

Which is why this week's weight loss may seem really high. It's not. I think what this week's weigh-in represents is that ACTUAL amount I had lost my first week, but had then began retaining water (gotta love being a woman) again right before my weigh-in. I had "pseudo-gained" a couple of pounds back the way every woman is privileged to do monthly. RIGHT BEFORE MY FIRST WEIGH-IN!!!! Perfect.

So while last week was artificially deflated, this week is artificially inflated. Don't get me wrong...I've lost all the weight, I just don't think I lost it all this week. So...without further ado.....

My weight loss for this week was: -6.9 lbs!!
Weight Loss Total: -8.5 lbs!! Now we're talking!

Moving on the saving for Disney. This part of our plan is going to be on a temporary "freeze" until our move is completed. All of a sudden we are facing expenses like Uhaul rentals, installation fees, security deposits and patio furniture for the backyard we've never had (a big splurge, but we finally have a yard! I want to enjoy it!). Therefore, I am not going to be able to "find" any extra money in the budget.

That being said, it's amazing how much loose change you find in the nooks and crannies of your house when you start packing it up to move. I don't know when I decided that coins were disposable, but apparently I did, because so far we have found $8 in change lying around our home!!! Apparently we were hosting some sort of Treasure Hunt around our place but didn't even know it. So that money was added to our fund and our Disney savings now stands at: $317.42!!

Still moving in the right direction, even though we're not able to contribute much to it at the moment. Moving into a house is honestly nearly as exciting and even MORE of a true blessing than Disneyland could ever be, though, so I don't care one bit that it's putting a little cramp in my "Saving for Disney" style. Don't worry, though....I'm still working on it. I will likely find even more change before this move is over, and I happen to know my girlfriend Stephanie has a few bags of cans waiting for my boys to return (we aren't proud...that's free money, folks!). I also know that once we are officially moved in, we are going to be having a garage sale (August 20-21st! If you know me personally, mark your calendars!) that will hopefully help us make up for all the "lost" time during the move.

So there you have it. Momentum Monday #2! I hope you are all feeling momentum towards your goals today, as well!



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